A breeder of class, companion gundogs since 1985.
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FC/AFC Bay Meadow's Trucker
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FC/AFC Bay Meadow's Trucker   Information for FC/AFC  Bay Meadow's Trucker

NFC/FC Bean's Blaze   Information for NFC/FC Bean's Blaze
DC Scipio's Little Chick   Information for DC Scipio's Little Chick
FC/AFC Sholdebrand Acres Noble   Information for FC/AFC Sholdebrand Acres Noble
Gem State Jill   Information for Gem State Jill
NFC/FC Casey's Chikamin   Information for NFC/FC Casey's Chikamin
Scipio's Wild Cherry   Information for Scipio's Wild Cherry
NFC/DC/AFC Ban-Dee   Information for NFC/DC/AFC Ban-Dee
Brandi of Sholdebrand Acres   Information for Brandi of Sholdebrand Acres
NFC/DC/AFC Ban-Dee   Information for NFC/DC/AFC Ban-Dee
Scipio's Devilish Meg   Information for Scipio's Devilish Meg
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